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Turning Undiscovered Stocks into Life-Changing Opportunities

Supporting T$R

The Shareholder Report is NOT sponsored and is NOT paid by any profiled company.  Membership is FREE.

T$R solely relies on the generosity of members to cover its costs.

It is mentally challenging to do this with minimal compensation and minimal  support from members.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

Reasons to Support T$R

The following are some of the many reasons one might want to support T$R:

Non-Financial Support

T$R is still new and isn’t well know yet.  The smaller the audience, the harder it is to remain motivated to create time consuming content. 

The following are way to support T$R using non-financial methods:

Expansion = Bigger Domino Effect

Although T$R was successful with its first profiled company (prior owning a website), it did so using only Twitter and Telegram.  With the right tools, T$R will be significantly more effective in initiating the domino effect which contributes to a  profiled company’s success.

Financial Support

Owning a free membership website that  costs money is not a sustainable business model.

With an imminent medical release from the military (Spring 2024) due to two chronic illnesses that prevent me from working a normal job, my pension is not enough to meet my family’s financial obligations (assumes worse-case scenario with my stock portfolio).  In an ideal world, I’m hoping T$R allows me to support my family after I’m forced to retire.

Restrictions on Donations/Gifts

In order to remain independent, you CANNOT financially support T$R if any of the following are items are  applicable:

If any donation has the possibility of jeopardizing the independent status of T$R, it will NOT be accepted and it will be refunded (processing fees will not be reimbursed).

How to Donate/Gift

Every donation/gift is greatly appreciated regardless of the amount as it provides validation that my work is appreciated enough for someone to donate some of their hard earned money.

You can donate/gift using the following methods: 

Interac E-Transfer

To donate using an Interac E-Transfer using a Canadian bank (online), please use the following email to complete the transaction:

Important – please ensure to mention in the transaction’s comment section that it is a donation/gift for T$R

Credit Cards

  • Credit cards are NOT processed by T$R’s website
  • No additional information from the transaction is stored on T$R’s website

All credit card transactions are 100% processed by Stripe ( using their secure processing website.  Stripe has the highest level of certification for payment processors and is used by Amazon, Instacart, Zoom, Lyft, Google, Shopify, etc.

If donating using currencies other than the Canadian and US dollars, here is a currency calculator (please note your credit card usually uses slightly less favorable rates than the official exchange rate):

Important – Credit cards reject transactions for many different reasons.  If a transaction failed and the correct information was used, please contact me (email contact is at the bottom) and I’ll look up the error code on my Stripe account.  Most times the issue is quickly resolved by calling your credit card company about the transaction.

If you would like to donate with a credit card (Canadian or US dollars) using Stripe’s secure website, please use the applicable option below (donate button or the donate QR code):

Other Methods

If interested in supporting T$R using other legitimate methods, please contact me using the email option at the bottom of the page.